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Staff Listing

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Staff Listing

Garry Marshall, Principal

Staff Listing

Amy Ferry, Associate Principal

Staff Listing

Megan Rihn-Smith, Administrative Intern

School Counseling

Staff Listing

Stephanie Gallegos, School Counseling Director, High School

Staff Listing

Carrie Link, Elementary

Staff Listing

Jamette Turner, Middle School

Staff Listing

Elizabeth Goldberg, High School

Henrico Virtual Academy Elementary Staff

Elementary Teachers

Elementary LAMPs & Support

Mayer, Michelle Teacher Kindergarten, Grade Level Chair
Randolph, Jasmine Teacher Kindergarten
Gittings, Rachael Teacher Grade 1, Grade Level Chair
Hargett, Lorraine Teacher Grade 1
Potter, Natalie Teacher Grade 1
Beazley, Wendy Teacher Grade 2, Grade Level Chair
Adams, Marcie Teacher Grade 2
Cheatham, Kiera Teacher Grade 2
Ernst, Nicholas Teacher Grade 2
Toler, Nyosha Teacher Grade 2
Song, Ashley Teacher Grade 3, Grade Level Chair
Fore, Kaley Teacher Grade 3
Long, Amanda Teacher Grade 3
Powell, Erika Teacher Grade 3
Fletcher, Yael Teacher Grade 4, Grade Level Chair
Burton, Andrew Teacher Grade 4
Anderson, Willow Teacher Grade 4
Webb, Brenda Teacher Grade 4
Gosney, Nora Teacher Grade 5, Grade Level Chair
Starks, Jeremy Teacher Grade 5
Harrington, Maggie Teacher Grade 5
Jones, Brittany Teacher Grade 5
Cox, Chastity
Teacher Elementary Integrated Services.
Gillespie, Deanna Teacher Elementary Integrated Services.
Murray-Nieporte, Jeana
Teacher Elementary Integrated Services
Fazenbaker, Deborah Teacher Elementary Resource
Jones, Patrice
Teacher Elementary Resource
Maruszewski, Stephanie
Teacher Elementary Resource
Pillath, Stephanie
Teacher Elementary Resource
Snead, Anne Teacher Elementary Resource
Taylor-Dark, Terri Teacher Elementary Resource
Williams, Tabatha Teacher Elementary Resource
Zimmerman, Kimberly
Teacher Elementary Resource
Rossi, Lisa Elementary Art / Pemberton Elementary
Ciraldo-Maryniuk, Andrew Elementary Gifted Education / Jackson Davis Elementary
Sorrell, Douglas Elementary HPE / Baker Elementary
Sponsler, Julianne Elementary HPE / Pemberton Elementary
Blackwell, Edward Elementary HPE / Seven Pines Elementary
Cotman, Jenine Elementary HPE / Seven Pines Elementary
Hanna, Tammy Elementary HPE / Seven Pines Elementary
Neuman, Kathleen Elementary HPE / Seven Pines Elementary
Goolsby, Darren Elementary HPE /Chamberlayne Elementary
Kirchgessner, Amelia Elementary Music / Chamberlayne Elementary
Fennessey, Jennifer Elementary Music / Pemberton Elementary
Albrecht, Christine Elementary Speech/Language / Donahoe Elementary
Roberts, Emily Elementary Support – Innovative Learning Coach
Kleyman, Brooke Elementary Support – Instructional Coach

Additional Support Staff

Travis, Alexandra (Alex) Innovative Learning Coach – Secondary
Golden, Thomas Coordinator of Assessment and Remediation
Cook, Taina Librarian
McKeon, Jeanne Occupational Therapist (Nuckols Farm)
Bynum, Tysha Office Assistant – Financial
Tarrar, Erika Office Assistant – Registrar
Harris, Vashima Social Worker
White, Haley Speech Language
Nichol, Susann Speech Therapist

HVA Secondary Staff


Wells, Amanda Middle School English, English Department Chair
Green, Cheryl Middle School English
Perritt, Anna Middle School English
Honeycutt, Kimberly High School English
Stewart, Betsy
High School English
Shirey, Rachel Teens Read
Flowers, Monique High School English


Broscious, Joseph High School Math, Department Chair
Rhodes, Angela Geometry
Hsieh, Claire Middle School Math
Spivack, Eric Middle School Math
Brizendine, Kristen Algebra 1

Social Studies/History

Rhodes, Richard Teacher High School Social Studies, Department Chair
Lavecchia, Michael Social Studies / Varina High School
Timok, Nathan Teacher High School Social Studies
Saunders, Charles Civics
Moore, Katherine US I History
Hilton, Brian World History & Geography


Mason, Matthew Teacher High School Science, Department Chair
Taylor, Nicholas Earth Science
Kunath, Emily Life Science
Snow, William Middle School Science
Brown, Maleka Middle School Science

Health & Physical Education

Bohon, Ellen High School HPE, Driver’s Ed, HPE Department Chair
Hughes, Hayden Health/Physical Education
Brown, Stu Health/Physical Education
Seed, James (Trip) Health/Physical Education

Career & Technical Education

Moses, Maegan Family & Consumer Sciences
Logan, Karen Middle School Business/Marketing (Split DRHS)
Massenburg, Brinda Middle School Family & Consumer Sciences
Vacant High School Business/Marketing

Exceptional Education

Buczkowski, Sara Middle School Exceptional Education, Department Chair
Washington, Joyce
High School Integrated Services
Gunderson, Steven High School Exceptional Education
Lance, Stephanie High School Exceptional Education
Wead, Laura High School Exceptional Education
Rolan, Darnell Middle School Exceptional Education
Jones, Ali Middle School Integrated Services
Wingfield, Justin
Middle School Exceptional Education
Bargo, Jaime High School Exceptional Education
Dickerson, Deven High School Exceptional Education

Fine Arts & World Languages

Beazley, Shari Secondary Art
Dowdy, Jeffrey Secondary Art
Falke, Amanda Spanish

Additional Electives

Engel, Nicole Speech Drama / HHS
Crofts, Rebecca Gifted / Elko MS

Secondary Instructional Assistants

Harris, Jamisha Instructional Assistant – Secondary
Mowbray, Pamela Instructional Assistant – Secondary
Nelson, Kia Instructional Assistant – Secondary
Davis, Olivia Instructional Assistant – Secondary
Owens, Sharon Instructional Assistant – Secondary
Tupponce, Dawn Instructional Assistant – Secondary
Allen, Keiyah Instructional Assistant High School Integrated Services
Avery, GeVanna Instructional Assistant High School Integrated Services

Elementary Instructional Assistants

Bolton, Makenzie Instructional Assistant – Elementary
Edgerton, Isaac Instructional Assistant – Elementary
Jones, Kaylah Instructional Assistant – Elementary
Massa, Ryan Instructional Assistant – Elementary
Miller, Denise Instructional Assistant – Elementary
Stanley, Tiffany Instructional Assistant – Elementary
Porch, Wendy Instructional Assistant – Elementary
Tamara Reeves Instructional Assistant – Elementary
Husband, Sherrine Instructional Assistant – Elementary Integrated Services