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Peer Helpers

The Peer Helpers of Varina High School is an organization that is made up of all grade levels in an effort to make current and transfer students feel comfortable in their school environment as well as acknowledge the day to day issues that teens face. To become a Peer Helper, students must apply at the beginning of the school year and are selected based on a number of criteria.  After selection, students are trained to provide supervised mediation sessions among their peers.

Peer Helpers are encouraged to be a positive role model, not only on campus but in the community. These students promote a positive life style by not only being role models in the classroom and the community but also by hosting a number of ‘Teen Summits’  – open forum discussions during the school day that encourages dialogue about concerns facing teens today.

While Peer Helpers assist their peers in making good decisions they themselves learn ways to develop their own interpersonal skills when working with individuals of all different ages, genders, races, and backgrounds.

  • Peer Helpers have celebrated Red Ribbon Week
  • Selected Peers Helpers were able to Participate in the Peer Helper Conference
  • The 1st Annual Peer Helper Clothes Drive
  • Go Green and Recycle
  • Celebrate the Administrative Professionals at the school
  • Celebrate the teachers at the school