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Assessment Calendars and Information

Henrico County Public Schools “Destination 2025” includes the strategic goal of “achieving academic excellence by transforming teaching and learning to provide engaging learner-centered experiences for all students.” A driver towards this goal is to “develop and implement a balanced assessment system with an emphasis on performance-based assessments and student-driven portfolios.”

With a focus on developing life ready learners, Henrico County Public Schools is committed to a balanced assessment program utilizing purposeful (diagnostic, formative, and summative) measures of various types aligned with content standards and guided by the Henrico Learner Profile. Each type of assessment serves a unique purpose. Diagnostic assessments determine student areas of strength and academic need prior to instruction. Formative assessments are designed to intentionally collect information about student learning during instruction providing feedback to teachers and students that allow for adjustments and  modifications in instruction. Summative assessments are used to evaluate student mastery at the conclusion of learning and are typically comprehensive and representative of a set of knowledge and skills  associated with a course. Through a combination of these assessments, students, families, and educators are provided with timely and meaningful student data to support, guide, and maximize learning.

The division’s testing calendar below represents all summative and/or federally/state-mandated tests. Additional testing will occur throughout the year through curriculum-embedded assessments, such as adaptive digital learning resources, unit assessments, and best practice checks for learning, developed at both the division and teacher levels.

Assessment for students is ongoing throughout the year. We make every attempt to conduct assessments virtually. However, some assessments are required to be in person as mandated by the Department of Education or testing vendors.

Elementary Testing Calendar

Secondary Testing Calendar